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Panther Force UK Ltd

The Panther Force brand has grown over the years to becoming  a popular and trusted wholesale and retail supplier of mobile phone replacement parts and accessories.

Based in the heart of Manchester City centre we serve our customers all over the UK and around the world.


Clear Anti Shock Phone Protectors

The Panther Force Clear Anti Shock Case is one of the most advanced protective cases available on the market. It does not compromise on the look or functionality of your mobile device.

The case provides superior protection for your phone. The flexible, soft yet tough silicone material is designed to absorb all round accidental impact, protecting the handset from damage. 

The corners come with Air Cushion Technology to further absorb any side impact. 

The back of the case features Dot Matrix Technology which reduces the visibility of finger print smudges. The case is ultra lightweight, slim and easy to attach.

The case has a 360 'Raised Lip Edge’ design to protect the front screen from table and surface contact damage.

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while ensuring a secure grip.

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